B.Sc. in Mathematics & Computer Science;
Director of Silva Great Britain

During his career Gabriel worked as a Software Engineer/Architect and Project Manager.
30 years in the Financial Sector in the City of London, managing Investment Management Financial Regulatory projects in the last 10 years.
Gabriel has been practicing the Silva Method since 2011 using the techniques on a daily basis at work and in his every-day life.
He believes the Silva techniques have given him a much enhanced way of working, living and cooperating with people. A better understanding of how the mind works and the tricks to make it work better.

“For many years I believed that meditation was just spiritual hocus-pocus. Now I know better. Apart from the many physiological benefits of regular meditation, it is key to intuitive thinking, developing personality and enhancing emotional intelligence.”

Gabriel became a Silva Instructor and was appointed director of the Silva Method in Great Britain in 2012.

Later he also trained at Oxford University Mindfulness Centre, gaining a certificate in MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy).
MBCT is the organic way of treatment for people with depression.

Gabriel is a highly accomplished business professional and an experienced Silva trainer.
He is much appreciated by his students and clients for his enthusiastic, logical, scientific but down-to earth way of teaching and interacting.

His science and financial sector experience in hugely stressful and demanding, high profile jobs makes him uniquely qualified to teach the Silva Business Course.
He understands and speaks the language of his business students.

Gabriel is warm and very approachable with a good sense of humor.

He was born to teach.