Business Values

Co-operation, motivation and performance

1. Co-operation, motivation and performance

An organization can only be sustainably successful when the employees can express themselves in an open, positive and constructive way. The Silva training concentrates on team building by teaching techniques to improve self-confidence and trust towards one another. This will improve communication and office relationships.

In such an environment cognitive capabilities and performance both improve. Motivation and accepting responsibility is also an important area the course is focusing on. A motivated team is a better team. It is open towards challenges, stays stable during a crisis, thinks outside the box and finds innovative ways of getting the job done. All these will result in stronger commitment towards the goals of the team aligned with the mission of the company.

Achieving Goals & Mental house-cleaning

2. Achieving Goals & Mental house-cleaning

The challenge: All too often goals are ambiguous. The negatively biased human mind makes goal achievement even more difficult, as most of the time we think of what we do not want, instead of what we want. Our limiting beliefs are also an obstacle of higher achievement.

The solution: Result is where focus and energy goes. With simple Silva techniques an ambiguous goal is clarified and by learning to focus effectively, using the Alpha level, we improve our goal achievement rate and quality.

At Alpha the mind is more suggestible and controllable so we can recognize aversion, gather the scattered mind and focus on the goal. Transforming self limiting beliefs into supporting beliefs will increase self-confidence. This is part of what is called Mental house-cleaning, fostering higher achievement

Effective Stress Management

3. Effective Stress Management

Everyone has stress. That’s unavoidable, but a person can learn to deal with it in a constructive way. Silva gives the tools to relieving and preventing stress.

Participants will learn in this course to relax in seconds, by developing a voluntary conditional reflex to produce physical and mental relaxed state.

This in turn improves the thought processes and the office atmosphere, resulting in better problem-solving and decision-making.



Effective Stress Management

4. Memory & Comprehension

Goal oriented visualization and subjective learning techniques will improve concentration and memory, helping to comprehend complex situations faster.

It makes it easier to study and it helps to focus on a task, reducing the probability and severity of potential errors.