A Conversation About Secular, Western Yoga Meditations

YOGA – The Cultural Challenge
Meditation techniques have been around for thousands of years. Traditional Asian, South and Central American meditations, not surprisingly, have their rituals and deep religious spirituality.
All that is not easily digestible in left-brain-biased, ever more secular Western societies.

The good news
More and more people understand and agree that regular meditation is beneficial for our mental and physical wellbeing, even to our intelligence and our performance at work and in education.

The puzzle
Yet, only a small percentage of those accepting its benefits learn meditating and many will not continue practicing. Why?

The solution to the Cultural Challenge
The good news is that we have Western Yoga Meditation, based on ancient meditation techniques, incorporating aspects of (self) hypnotherapy. It is secular and is free of any rituals. It is easy to learn and is very discreet. Can be practiced anywhere, without anybody around realising that you are actually meditating.

More good news: Noises will help you relax mentally more and more.
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