About The Training

This training is part of the scientifically based Silva Method, a goal-oriented training with a focus on bi-cameral usage of the brain to unlock our mental potential by attuning to the Alpha brain wave frequencies.

Successful people function by nature more at Alpha-level. A level which makes an optimal use of the natural potential of both hemispheres.

It is called bi-cameral thinking, aka Genius-Mode of the brain, where we consciously mobilise and connect our intuitive right hemisphere with our logical, analytical left hemisphere for a particular goal to achieve or a problem to be solved.
The left half of the brain is associated with the physical senses, and with Beta brainwave activity and deals with logic, language and physical activity.

The right half of the brain is associated with the subjective senses, imagination, creativity and intuition, with Alpha brainwave activity. These senses can be developed to sharpen memory, problem-solving ability and decision-making.

The Silva Method helps to develop superior mental functioning by training you to use more of the right hemisphere in co-ordination with the left and to access the Alpha level in seconds, unlocking the power of the whole brain!

The standard modules make up 16 hours of training.
These modules can be tailored and delivered by schedules that suit your company‘s working hours.

is being taught in many institutions of many countries, amongs them at: